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The following are traditional family areas, all within the beautiful district of Vilsen in Niedersachsen (North Saxony) in northern Germany. All these towns (some are merely rural settlements, not towns) are within half an hour of each other. Click pictures to enlarge:

Also, click Bauernhof to see how the Bensemann family lived in Germany nearly 200 years ago.

Affinghausen - Town near Engeln Hache where Bensemann family still owns a pub, which is believed to have been originally owned by Cordt Bensemann's uncle.   (Any confirmation or condemnation re that fact is welcomed).
Engeln Hache - The village in northern Germany where Cordt Bensemann's father Johann Albert was born and died.
Rehmstedt - Little farming settlement near Engeln-Hache where Bensemann family and our Rehmstedt ancestors lived.
Oerdinghausen - A rural area near Engeln Hache where Cordt's ancestors, the Rehmstedts, lived.
Ohlendorf - Tiny rural settlement at edge of Mellinghausen which is still home to the Logemann and Kothrade families, ancestors to Bensemanns who emigrated.
Mellinghausen - A small village where the Logemanns, ancestors to the Bensemanns lived.
Bruchausen-Vilsen - The largest town in the ancestral area, featuring an impressive church which may have family links. Does anyone know these?

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